March 2024 Newsletter

ASHRAE Regional Conference 2024

19th to 22nd September 2024

This year, ASHRAE UK will host the Region XIV Chapter Regional Conference (CRC) which will bring together ASHRAE European and international members, and chapters to the United Kingdom. This event aims to bring together individuals and organisations across all industries with the common goal of achieving net zero carbon together – for our future generations.

The ASHRAE Chapter Regional Conferences (CRC) 2024 is a must-attend event for al stakeholders in the built environment industry who are passionate about reducing carbon emissions from buildings and infrastructure. During the CRC, the Net Zero summit provides a unique opportunity for professionals to share information, exchange ideas, and collaborate on the design, construction, ownership, and operation of facilities that have a neutral impact on the environment. Our main goal is to enhance the knowledge base while fostering global collaborations in decarbonisation efforts, ultimately leading to a sustainable future. Join us at this ground-breaking event and be a part of the solution towards a greener, more sustainable built environment.

The CRC wil take place from 19-22 September 2024, with the Summit taking place on 20 September, at Oxford university ni the Uk, and is organised by the ASHRAE UK Chapter for ASHRAE European Region XIV.

ASHRAE UK is proud to be hosting this important event, which will further strengthen our commitment to serving humanity by advancing the built environment for all – for our future generations.

ASHRAE UK Technology Awards 2024

12th April 2024

The ASHRAE UK Technology Awards 2024 recognises professionals in the building industry to showcase exceptional design and ideas in various categories. The Awards are open to anyone involved in the industry, including architects, engineers, developers, and contractors.


The categories for the Awards include Residential, Office, Education, Commercial, Industrial, Healthcare, Refrigeration, and Smart Building and Equipment Awards.


Nomination forms are conveniently available online on our website.

Webinar: A Key Strategy in Decarbonisation

10th April 2024

We are thrilled to have Robert Bean Join us for the our upcoming webinar on “A Key Strategy in Decarbonisation: Optimising the Design of Radiant Cooling and Heating Systems for High Temperature Cooling and Low Temperature Heating”.


Extracting maximum energy and exergy efficiency from a heating and cooling system requires optimization of return fluid temperatures. Large surface area heat exchangers such as embedded pipe radiant systems have the necessary characteristics for enabling thermal networks and heat pumps and thermal solar systems for realising their maximum rated potentials.

Sponsor News

Low-GWP R-444A Refrigerant for MAC AFM

Koura, one of the world’s largest producers of fluoroproducts and technologies launched its new R-444A refrigerant in the United States at the AAPEX automotive aftermarket show in Las Vegas, Nevada in late October of this year.

Koura’s R-444A is a direct replacement for R-1234yf, providing the automotive industry with an alternative to R-1234yf. The refrigerant not only provides the industry with a more economical option to R-1234yf, but it also meets the need for a more sustainable, lower global warming potential (GWP) solution as the automotive industry advances to meet current and future regulations for carbon emissions.

R-444A is a zeotropic blend that is comprised of existing, commercially available materials R-32, R-152, and R-1234ze(E). Because of its composition, R-444A offers numerous advantages over R-1234yf. Key benefits of R-444A include:

  • Lower cost
  • Increased cooling performance
  • Improved overall life cycle climate performance (LCCP)
  • Better regulatory alignment as 444A does not produce TFA during decomposition

With performance that matches or exceeds R-1234yf with, 0% TFA decomposition, R-444A is an innovation alternative to R-1234yf that Koura is bringing to industry.

In terms of commercial availability in the US, Koura is anticipating SNAP Approval in 2024. Koura plans to launch R-444A in Europe by 2025. For more information on R-444A visit

Sponsor News

Introducing Climate Analytics

With growing concerns over the progressive impacts of climate change, access to weather data is an increasingly important consideration for energy modellers. DesignBuilder Climate Analytics has been specifically developed to provide the key inputs for building energy, comfort, and daylighting simulations. It enables modellers to access a vast database of high-quality hourly weather data through an easy-to-use web platform. However, Climate Analytics is more than just a database. It also includes a wide range of analysis tools to help you select the most appropriate data for your projects. 

The key features include:

  • A comprehensive set of global weather data and analysis tools for building performance simulation.

  • Access to hourly weather data for any site worldwide.

  • The ability to create your own location-specific weather files for applications such as calibration of existing buildings.

  • Access to design, actual, and typical year weather data from over 43,000 stations across the globe.

  • Built-in tools for data selection, climate analysis, visualising climatic trends, and checking data quality.

  • Options to override measured data with design values and/or offsets for temperature, sky type, wind etc.

  • Access the weather data libraries from Climate.OneBuilding, White Box Technologies, and EnergyPlus.

  • Custom morphing for future climate, Urban Heat Island (UHI), and extreme weather scenarios.

A recent overview webinar provides more information about this unique tool. For more information on Climate Analytics trial licences, see the Licensing section of the help

Sponsor News

IQ5 BEMS controller to help drive digital transformation

Trend Control Systems Ltd. has launched IQTM5, the latest in its range of building controllers to support the digitisation of new and existing buildings. 

Designed to meet the emerging demands of the modern built environment, Trend’s IQ5 controller enables secure, real-time data communication. This helps ensure critical building control data is shared safely and reliably.

Developed by a team of industry experts, in conjunction with Trend partners, building owners and facility managers, the IQ5 aims to improve data transmission between field systems and the building energy management system (BEMS). 

IQ5 controllers use a new I/O bus technology based on T1L Ethernet, which enables higher data transfer speeds. The technology also facilitates low-latency asynchronous communication over cable lengths up to 300 metres, all with end-to-end data encryption. 

In addition, the IQ5 offers prioritised control functionality, ensuring that communication with critical equipment is prioritised. Configuring this functionality can help facility managers drive Internet of Things (IoT) networks to the edge of buildings with reliable, fast connectivity.

To help futureproof the system, IQ5 controllers are modular in design. I/O modules slide into place, allowing the system to scale as building demands change. This means the controller can support growing networks of IoT devices and building equipment, underpinning broader modernisation or digitisation activities.

IQ5 is designed to meet ISA62443 security level 3 guidelines, which helps protect systems from most hacks faced by industrial automation and control systems (IACS). System users now have a single log-on for the site, with password changes synchronised across all networked controllers.

To see how to bring your buildings to life with Trend’s IQ5, visit the website.


Sponsor News


Growing apprehensions regarding global warming persist as a priority on the agendas of governments and industries worldwide. Escalating temperatures, increasingly frequent extreme weather events, and shifts in environmental patterns highlight the urgent need for proactive measures.


The most recent regulatory intervention, F-Gas III – Regulation (EU) no. 517/2014, is set to expedite the adoption of refrigerants with lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) in the coming years. This regulation encompasses various measures aimed at curtailing the use of Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), including restrictions and bans on new fluorinated fluids in new equipment and specific sectors, as well as limitations on service and availability of HFC fluids (Phase down). Lower GWP refrigerants exhibit a diminished potential to exacerbate global warming compared to their high-GWP counterparts. Leveraging these refrigerants enables businesses and industries to mitigate their carbon footprint and contribute to global effort aimed at curtailing greenhouse gas emissions.


Friga-Bohn has been diligently developing a range of new refrigeration systems utilizing carbon dioxide (CO2) and A2L (ASHRAE Standard 34, Safety Group Classification, Lower Flammability) refrigerants. These systems include Gas coolers, Transcritical Rack, and CO2 industrial evaporators. In recognition of diverse application requirements, space constraints, cost considerations, and the availability of skilled labour, the company has upgraded its DUO CU condensing units with the latest low GWP, A2L refrigerants. The latest iteration of the condensing unit, which commenced production at its Burgos Factory in Spain in November 2023, is compatible with multiple refrigerants (including HFO/HFC) and capable of operating in higher ambient temperatures up to +46°C. Incorporating micro-channel heat exchanger technology has significantly reduced the refrigerant load compared to conventional heat exchangers.  Equipped with two Emerson scroll compressors, one fixed speed and one digital, the unit can modulate between 10% and 100% of its capacity load. Presently, the new unit can effectively cater to medium temperature applications ranging from 9 to 27 kW.

As regulations become stricter and environmental awareness increases, investments in lower GWP refrigerants future-proof businesses against evolving regulatory landscapes. Choosing environmentally friendly refrigerants now can prevent costly retrofits or replacements in the future to comply with stricter regulations. 

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