Student Activities

Enea Dimitris Tseno

Student Activities Chair

Doctoral Researcher

School of Architecture Building and Civil Engineering

Loughborough University

Dr. Shen Wei

Student Activities Co-Chair

Associate Professor in Building Services Engineering


The statement “Students are the future” emphasizes the significance of young individuals in shaping the future. In addition to the educational programs offered by universities and institutions, ASHRAE actively encourages students to engage in various activities. This involvement provides students with additional learning opportunities, enabling them to become more familiar with our industry and enjoy their studies.

ASHRAE offers student memberships, and these are sponsored for new student members by full-grade or associate members or by the chapter. To be eligible for ASHRAE student membership, individuals must be studying or have an interest in a field related to the heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC&R) industry. This includes students enrolled in approved courses of study in universities, colleges, junior colleges, or technical institutes, where they receive education aligned with the objectives of ASHRAE, covering the arts and sciences relevant to the industry.

Student Scholarships

We are delighted to offer a scholarship opportunity specifically tailored for students enrolled in our student branch universities. This scholarship is designed to support and recognize the passion and dedication of students who are interested in the fields of Building Energy, climate change, and heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC&R).

At ASHRAE UK, we believe in fostering the next generation of leaders in our industry, and this scholarship serves as a platform to nurture and encourage talented students who are eager to make a difference. We invite all enthusiastic and motivated students who share our commitment to apply for this scholarship program.

The ASHRAE UK Student Scholarship aims to provide financial assistance to deserving students while also promoting their academic and professional development. By offering this scholarship, we aim to encourage students to pursue their passion in Building Energy, climate change, and HVAC&R, and support them in their educational journey.

The scholarship application process is open to students who are currently enrolled in our student branch universities. We encourage students who possess a strong interest and demonstrated commitment to the field to apply. The selection criteria will be based on various factors, including academic performance, extracurricular involvement, leadership qualities, and a genuine passion for Building Energy, climate change, and HVAC&R.

Selected scholarship recipients will not only receive financial support but will also gain recognition for their dedication and commitment to the industry. Furthermore, they will have the opportunity to connect with professionals and experts in the field, expanding their network and opening doors to potential mentorship and career opportunities.

We invite all eligible students who are passionate about Building Energy, climate change, and HVAC&R to take advantage of this valuable scholarship opportunity. By applying, you can take a significant step towards realizing your educational goals while being supported by ASHRAE UK in your pursuit of excellence.

Join us in our mission to advance the industry, address climate challenges, and create a sustainable future. Apply for the ASHRAE UK Student Scholarship today and let us support you in your journey of academic and professional growth.

Scholarship Amount – £1000


  1. ASHRAE Student Member
  2. Enrolled in a university with ASHRAE student branch.


Student Branches

Midlands Student Branch, Loughborough University

SBA – Dr. Arash Beizaee


Coventry Student Branch

SBA – Dr. Monday Ikide


De Montfort Student Branch

SBA – Dr. Andrew Wright


Nottingham University Student Branch

SBA – Dr. Hua Zhong


UCL Student Branch

SBA – Dr. Valentina Marincioni


Sheffield Student Branch

SBA – Edward Murphy


London South Bank University Student Branch

SBA – Prof. Yunting Ge

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