Research Promotion

Jaydeep Bhadra

Research Promotion Chair

Doctoral Researcher

Loughborough University

Duan Wu

Research Promotion Co-Chair

Research Engineer

Mitsubishi Electric R&D Centre Europe, Scotland

Ira Saxena

Research Promotion Co-Chair

R&D Manager

Koura Global

Levent Kocalioglu

Research Promotion Co-Chair

Senior Energy Engineer


ASHRAE is dedicated to advancing the fields of heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC&R) with the goal of benefiting humanity and promoting sustainability. Through its research initiatives, ASHRAE strives to enhance the functionality and application of HVAC&R systems, providing technical knowledge that forms the basis for global testing and design practices. Annually, ASHRAE raises over US$2 million, resulting in a total of US$10 million in funds for research projects and student grant-in-aids. These contributions, made by over 6,700 individuals and companies, directly support research efforts that benefit the HVAC&R industry.

Please visit for more details on ASHRAE Research Promotion and the research projects.

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Donor Levels

Other than listing the name of the donor in annual Investor Honor Roll of ASHRAE Journal, ASHRAE will issue the following item(s) to the donor if he/she can contribute a certain amount of donation to ASHRAE Research:-

a.Honor Roll (Individual) of US$100 to US$249

: Antique ASHRAE Commemorative Coin & holder*

b.Honor Roll of US$150 to US$249

: Antique ASHRAE Commemorative Coin & holder*

c.Major Donor : Antique of US$250 to US$499

: Antique ASHRAE Commemorative Coin & plaque*

d.Major Donor : Bronze of US$500 to US$999

: Bronze ASHRAE Commemorative Coin & plaque*

e.Major Donor : Silver of US$1000 to US2499

: Silver ASHRAE Commemorative Coin & plaque*

f.ASHRAE Associate of US$2500 to US$4999

: Gold ASHRAE Commemorative Coin & plaque*

g.ASHRAE Partner of US$5000 to US9999

: Personalized shadowbox plaque

h.Golden Circle of US$10000 to US$19999

: Gold ASHRAE Commemorative Coin & plaque* &
invitation to ASHRAE Winter Meeting

i.Platinum Circle Donor of US$20000+

: Gold ASHRAE Commemorative Coin & plaque* &

invitation to ASHRAE Winter Meeting

Remark: *Plaques and holders are provided to new donors.

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