ASHRAE Society President Ginger Scoggins Visits UK Chapter

As part of her chapter visits, ASHRAE Society President for 2023-24, Ginger Scoggins, made a memorable stop at the UK Chapter on October 10, 2023. This visit was a remarkable opportunity for attendees to explore cutting-edge technology and innovative infrastructure that are propelling the London South Bank University (LSBU) into a hub for sustainable architecture and acoustic excellence.

The event kicked off at LSBU, where Ginger Scoggins, along with Region XIV DRC Prof. Mahroo Eftekhari and other distinguished attendees, embarked on a tour of the Centre for Efficient and Renewable Energy Buildings, nestled within the impressive K2 building. K2 stands as a testament to sustainable construction and energy efficiency, setting new standards for future building projects with a strong focus on green credentials and energy innovation.

One of the striking features of K2’s sustainable design is its reliance on geothermal energy for heating and cooling, resulting in a significantly reduced carbon footprint. An innovative mesh cladding system ensures optimal temperature regulation inside the building, further enhancing energy efficiency. Solar collectors contribute by providing approximately half of K2’s domestic hot water demands.

The journey continued with a visit to the LSBU acoustic lab, home to two specialized chambers that piqued the curiosity of the participants – the Reverberation Chamber and the Anechoic Chamber. The Anechoic Chamber, designed to create near-perfect quiet conditions, boasts heavy concrete walls, 70cm-long foam wedges, and sound-proof doors, ensuring almost complete acoustic isolation. It is an ideal space for sound power level measurements, frequency response analysis, and virtual acoustic simulations, and notably complies with British Standards for chambers of its size in London.

On the other hand, the Reverberation Chamber, sharing similarities with the Anechoic Chamber, inverts the internal boundaries to encourage sound reflections and minimize sound absorption. This unique design allows precise determination of material sample absorption coefficients and the measurement of sound power levels of large machines, up to 400 kg. The Reverberation Chamber also provides an immersive auditory experience, replicating the ambiance of a large old church and serving as a valuable resource for research and experimentation.

Following the LSBU visit, President Ginger Scoggins shared lunch with university staff and students, fostering a sense of community and collaboration. In the evening, a series of presentations were organized at University College London (UCL).

Joshua Vasudevan, UK Chapter President, warmly welcomed the attendees and provided insights into the chapter’s commendable work. Vice President Patrick Pendregest introduced ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer Frank Mills, who presented on strategies for decarbonizing hospital buildings and ASHRAE’s future guide on Net Zero Hospital Design. During the break, attendees engaged in extensive networking sessions.

The chapter took a moment to celebrate ASHRAE President Ginger Scoggins’ birthday, adding a personal touch to the gathering. President Scoggins then presented her presidential theme, “Challenge Accepted – Tackling Climate Change,” shedding light on her vision for addressing environmental challenges.

The evening continued with a presentation by Prof. Ljubomir Jankovic, who discussed the Zero Equation, a fascinating part of his upcoming book. His presentation guided attendees through the numerical methods for calculating the time required to achieve zero emissions.

Overall, the event provided an exceptional platform for knowledge sharing and networking, reaffirming ASHRAE’s commitment to sustainability and innovation.

We would like to extend our special thanks to Enea Dimitris Tseno (SA Chair), Prof. Yunting Ge (LSBU), Dr. Valentina Marincioni (UCL) and Dr. Shen Wei (UCL) for their help in organising this great event.

For more information about ASHRAE UK Chapter and upcoming events, please visit ASHRAE UK Website.

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