ASHRAE UK Midlands Scholarship Announcement 2022

In 2022 ASHRAE UK Midlands Chapter introduced the Scholarship programme which is open to all ASHRAE student members in the UK.; and all ASHRAE student members are encouraged to apply for it.

The students benefit from not only the scholarship opportunity, it also gives them networking opportunities with industry partners as well as being able to participate at student competitions such as  ASHARE Integrated Sustainable Building Design (ISBD) and Building Energy Quotient Competition ( Building EQ) .

This year saw a very competitive field and from amongst 12 applicants, Rodrigo Gonzalez-Morra from Paraguay, (who is currently studying MSc in Low Energy Building Services Engineering), has won the ASHRAE UK Midlands Chapter introduced Scholarship programme 2022.

He has been awarded this honour certificate at Loughborough University, presented by the President of the ASHRAE UK Midlands Chapter, Saziye Dickson.

Introducing our inspiring ASHRAE UK Midlands Scholar: Rodrigo Gonzalez-Morra

Rodrigo has had a career as  an Electromechanical Engineer and for the past 9 years worked as Assistant Supervisor for the United Nations Development Programme project for Infrastructure and Development of Justice Centers in Paraguay.

Following the winning the Scholarship, Rodrigo told us, “It was a lovely surprise for me to have been chosen, and I will forever cherish and be grateful to ASHRAE UK Midlands Chapter for considering me for this award. I’m sure this will help push my career forward”.   

Adding to that “I came to the UK to study MSc Low Energy Building Services Engineering course at Loughborough University seeking to elevate my understanding of Zero Energy Building Services Engineering and Design and having gained knowledge that Loughborough University is a global leader in the matter, the decision was effortless”.


The 2023 scholarship will open soon. If you would like more information please contact (Mahroo Eftekhari).  The student membership costs only $25 per year it is so worth becoming a member to be able to have the chance to participate and potentially win this scholarship.


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