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The Building EQ Committee has many exciting initiatives underway in Society Year 2021-22. I want to take this minute to inform you of some of these..

The Building EQ web pages on the ASHRAE website ( have many resources available including several 10-15 minute podcasts that introduce both the In Operation and As Designed assessments. There is also a 30 minute training video on how to use the Building EQ Portal.  Two Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) documents provide guidance to assist your chapter’s outreach efforts in supporting university-based and grassroots-driven building energy assessments.  These resources provide you with opportunities to comply with PAOE Presidential Initiatives such as building operations, energy efficiency, and sustainability.


The most recent Tech Hour featuring ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer Doug Cochrane is focused on Building EQ and is now available at: This Tech Hour provides a basic understanding of Building EQ and would be a helpful resource for building owners who want to understand how their buildings contribute to their energy resilience and independence plan.


The ASHRAE Board of Directors (BOD) has just approved funding to add carbon metrics to the Building EQ Portal.  This exciting new feature is expected to go live in late Spring 2022 and will include three operational carbon metrics in line with the Society’s push towards building decarbonization.  In conjunction with this change, the committee will also be updating the site-source factors for electricity to align with Standard 189.1 and better reflect the current grid.


The committee is updating the As Designed assessment/rating by incorporating the ASHRAE Standard 90.1 Performance Rating Method (PRM) into the Building EQ calculation methodology. This will streamline the calculation process, improve the accuracy of the rating, simplify the modeling process, and bring the As Designed assessment more in line with ASHRAE Standards. This updated methodology will roll out in Spring 2022.


Building EQ has just approved the inaugural Energy Genius Award, recognizing excellence in the assessment of building energy performance. The winner will be widely announced this spring. This differs from the ASHRAE Technology Awards which recognize excellence in the successful application of design innovation incorporating ASHRAE standards and good mechanical design. Details are available on the Building EQ web pages (


Finally, the January issue of the ASHRAE Journal includes a case study article, Building EQ Empowers Schools, Teaches Students, on the use of the Portal in universities and public schools.   A short two-page summary of this case study is also being added to the Building EQ webpage.




Trent Hunt

Member Utah Chapter of ASHRAE

Building EQ Business Development Subcommittee Chair

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